Our next Beauty & the Book live book chat is on June 30th and we can't wait to see you back on Zoom! Our book and beauty guru, Annie, will kick off the night of great conversation and unveil her beauty pick-of-the-month while we share (virtually) a signature drink!
THE BOOK "My Glory Was I Had Such Friends" by Amy Silverstein,  who will be joining us on the Zoom call!  The book is being made into an Apple TV series starring Jennifer Garner -- so there's tons to talk about!

Join us at 7:30 pm ET on Tuesday, June 30th via Zoom. 


Fresh Veggies

When it comes to grocery deliveries, sometimes we get more than we bargained for. Patti recently came into a lifetime supply of ginger. Beth was begging neighbors to take an abundance of bananas off her hands. Heather’s family is still traumatized by the week she spent trying to use up her vast forest of broccoli. Below, the quarantine freezing guide we’ve all been waiting for. Because groceries these days are… unpredictable!


Summer is on the way and states are slowly reopening -- but lots of places are still reportedly requiring (or recommending) visitors to self-quarantine when they arrive. Reports say it's wise for travelers to check government websites before heading to their vacation destinations to avoid unexpected headaches. So, which states have requirements? This list from USA Today has you covered.


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We're so excited to be featured in "New Jersey Family." Read the article below.



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