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Are You Ready for Prime Time?

PRIME DAY UPDATE: Amazon has done it again! Head over there for giveaways and deals, which run until Tuesday at 9pm EST! Updates:

Echo Dots are going for $29.99 (from $49.99)

Echo Dot Kids are $59.99 ( from $79.99)

Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker $109.99 (from $149.99)

Instant Pot 3Qt $85.95 (from $119.95)


It may actually be “the most wonderful time of the year.” Think about it: beautiful weather, family time, and…lots of deals from our favorite online retailer. Wait? And we don’t have to cook and clean for company? We’re sold. So that's why they call it Black Friday in July!

For the uninitiated, Prime Day is the birthday party Amazon throws itself by offering a day of deals to its members. This year, expect 36 hours of discounts on everything from an Amazon Alexa products to paper goods. It all starts Monday, July 16th at 3pm.

And because we know you have better things to do than scroll through all of Amazon (as if that’s even possible), we’ve decided to curate what we believe are the best deals they have going.

But, first things first. You need to be an Amazon Prime member to access these deals, so why not sign up for a free trial right now?

(And by the way, you may as well take advantage of all of Amazon’s free trials, Prime Pantry -- think Costco without having to leave your couch. Amazon Fresh is another crowd pleaser you could try. And if you love audiobooks like we do, try Audible — go crazy!)

And now, here’s your cheat sheet on the deals Amazon has already announced. We recommend you load your shopping cart up ahead of time by clicking on what you like, and then buying it all on Prime Day. Keep in mind, Amazon loves to keep us in suspense. So will we get another deal on the Instant Pot like last year? Stay tuned...


Have you met our friend, Alexa? She’s the elegant voice of Amazon Echo. This line of bluetooth-enabled devices is everywhere these days — and for good reason. Ask her, and she’ll tell you the weather, the news, ​the status of your orders...the list goes on and on.

Amazon is slashing prices on all of them. They’re knocking $100 off the Echo Show (the most elaborate of the line, which also has a screen), and the Echo Dots are going for 2 for $80, and so far, the Echo Plus, which customers love for it's sound quality, is holding at $149.

And if you already have an Alexa device, don’t forget to ask her about the “Alexa-only deals” ahead of Prime Day by simply asking “Alexa, what are my deals?”

Love your kindle? Well, the Kindle Paperwhite will be going for $80 (Originally $119) -- which is reportedly the lowest price ever for the device, even on Black Friday.

And for deals on fireTV sticks, you'll get a discount if you buy more than on the ad below for the details.


Maybe one of the best things that Amazon has done this year was to develop affordable home décor that looks like it came from a high-end boutique. Save 25% off items from Stone and Beam home accents as well as furniture from Rivet. Throw pillows and blankets (and a large selection at that) can add up, so it's a great idea to take advantage for those 36 hours.


Yes, people call it "whole paycheck," but there are perks to be enjoyed on Prime Day. Spend $10 at Whole Foods anytime through July 17th, and you'll get $10 to spend on Prime Day. Head on over to the Whole Foods website to get started.


And finally, bookworms, rejoice! A three-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited will be going for $1 (new subscribers only), which lets you read as many books as you like from about 1 million book titles.

And they didn't leave out music lovers: Four months of Amazon Music will also be going for $1. After that, it's $7.99/ month.

Finally, for the gamer in your life, did you know that Prime members get exclusive benefits on the gaming network, Twitch? The free game per day is looking pretty good to us...

So, find your comfy shopping spot and let's get to it!


* The Pickup Line is an associate of Amazon, which means we earn a small commission from anything you buy through our site.

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