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Back-to-School Picks

That first day is coming for us (if it hasn't already) and to help you stay ahead of the game, we've put together our list of BTS essentials -- all available on Amazon.

1. Glue sticks. No more searching the night before a project’s due.

2. Pre-sharpened pencils. Stop spending hours trying to track down sharpened pencils— or — even worse — a pencil sharpener.

3. Speaking of a pencil sharpenerthis should do the trick.

4. Chill out— these frozen sticks will keep your water bottles extra cool.

5. Love Erin Condren and everything her adorable planners do to keep us organized.

6. Can’t use Erin’s adorable planners without a brand new set of multi-colored markers.

7. Your printer’s going to be smokin’ — fill it up with printer paper packaged in this cute school bus package.

8. Keep your crew in check as you run around town with these awesome backseat organizers.

9. Make the frantic “Where are my keys????” a thing of the past with the Tile key finder. Bonus — works for phones too!

10. Have the coolest (or hottest depending on your preference) drink in town with the Hydro Flask water bottle — biggest problem — which color to choose???

11. Lunch Fox — need we say more? Enter the cafeteria in style this year.

12. Yummy scented glitter pens — one of our eleven-year-olds added this one. Definite must-have.

13. Everyone should have a stain remover pen on hand “in case of emergency.”

14. Embrace your obsessive/compulsive self with this hand-held labeling system. You know you want to.

15. Spot on. This little guy — the Echo Spot — does it all. Alarm, music, weather — let Alexa help you make your morning routine smoother.

16. Nice addd on — switch it up with these fun colored skins for your Echo Spot.

17. Singing in the rain. Start the morning off right by belting it out in shower with this great speaker.

18. New year. New hair ties. Never be without a pony with this colorful set.

19. Rachel Hollis’ cookbook "Real Life Dinners"

Filled with wholesome delicious dinners your kids will actually eat — this is a must-have as we head back to back to school chaos.

20. Okay, so we love to Venmo back an forth as much as the next gals, but sometimes you have to drop off or mail a check...why not add a little flair to the whole transaction with these colorful envelopes?

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