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Pick Up Puerto Rico

PICKUP PUERTO RICO WISH LIST here - be sure to select the school's delivery address at check out - thanks!

As The Pickup Line turns one, we can’t help but think about how it’s also the first anniversary of Hurricane Maria, and the devastation she left behind in Puerto Rico. Instead of celebrating our first year, we wanted to do something to make a difference and use our connection with the thousands of new “friends” we’ve made this year (you!) to team up and help schools in Puerto Rico who are still in need. Yes— one year later, most schools in Puerto Rico are still lacking when it comes to basic necessities and supplies. We’ve created “Pickup Puerto Rico” — an Amazon Wishlist, created for the José Santos Quinones School in Canovanas, PR. The school was devastated by the storm, as were many of the students homes -- making the back to school supplies that many of us take for granted, lacking and unattainable.

We've worked with the school to set up this Amazon Wishlist so you can easily purchase an item that the school needs via your Amazon account. Items include everything from pencils and notebooks to anti-bacterial wipes and student backpacks. Everything on the list will be shipped directly to the school via Amazon Prime if you’re a Prime customer. Please help us start the school year on the right foot by helping out those who are not as fortunate. Thank you so much! Check out the list here - be sure to select the school's delivery address at checkout.

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*Please note, as an Amazon affiliate, The Pickup Line will donate any advertising fees we receive to the school.

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