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Today's Update


As of right now, Hurricane Florence is expected to strike the Carolinas and Virginia sometime late Thursday. Experts say she will pack destructive winds and rain -- and create catastrophic storm surges and flooding. Hurricane Florence is considered the strongest storm to strike the area in decades. Hundreds of thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate and FEMA has issued critical warnings telling residents to get out while there is still time. Read on.


Seventeen years since the terror attacks on September 11th, family, friends and elected officials continue the tradition of remembering those lost on that day. At the Shanksville, Pennsylvania memorial, President Trump remembered the "band of brave patriots" who fought the hijackers onboard before the plane crashed. At the ground zero memorial, more than a thousand people gathered in the rain to remember the nearly three thousand victims. And at the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Vice President Mike Pence spoke, with Pence recalling, "I'll never forget the sight of seeing columns of smoke billowing out of the Pentagon, literally darkening half of that crystal clear blue sky." Read on.


Tomorrow is Apple's much-anticipated media shindig that will unveil a batch of new goodies from our favorite fruit. It's also the day that many of us have been waiting for -- the official release of iOS12 -- the software that brings us Screen Time and hopefully, more control over our kids' interaction with their mobile devices. Read on for what else we have to look forward to here.



Ask any mom what she hates most about back-to-school and nine-out-of-ten will say "uuuugh, the lunches." Well, dread no more. These great hacks from The Fresh Life blog -- part of the awesome Once upon a Farm collection of fresh, fabulous organic food for kids and co-founded by our mom crush Jennifer Garner -- will save the day (or morning!). Pack on.



Halloween is back -- have you seen the shelves at CVS? -- and Freeform is kicking it off with its 31 Nights of Halloween. The network (formerly ABC Family) has changed the annual October event from 13 to a full 31 spooky days and nights. Look for everything from "Monsters University" to "Maleficent" to a "Hocus Pocus" marathon. Maybe this will get them off their phones!


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