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Today's Update


Hurricane Florence is still an incredibly dangerous and deadly storm -- despite being downgraded to a Category 2. That's according to weather forecasters and government officials who are pleading with residents to still take the storm seriously and get out of her way. Rain and wind are currently moving into the Carolinas and experts say Florence could make landfall tonight or Friday. The monster storm is predicted to move slowly through the southeast for days -- bringing catastrophic rainfall and flooding to inland areas. An incredibly dangerous storm surge and destructive winds are forecasted. Meanwhile today, President Trump reportedly rejected the official Hurricane Maria death toll that estimates nearly 3,000 people died in Puerto Rico as a result of that storm. Trump calls the number "wrong" and says it came from Democrats who want him to look "as bad as possible." Read on.


Sex and the City star-turned-activist, Cynthia Nixon -- or maybe you know her better as "Miranda" -- is duking it out today in the high-profile New York Democratic gubernatorial primary race. She's running against incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a race that's been described as downright nasty. Reports say the contest is an example of the growing number of left-leaning candidates nationwide who want to unseat incumbents they believe haven't delivered liberal policies. There's speculation that Nixon could pull off an upset over three-termer Cuomo but polls reportedly show Cuomo has a sizable lead. And there's more.


Netflix has bought the rights to Jennifer Garner's "Yes Day" movie project. The movie, based on the children's book by best-selling author Amy Krouse Rosenthal, will be starring and produced by Garner. The concept of the book and movie is an annual "Yes Day," where kids receive only yes answers from their parents to reasonable requests such as pizza for breakfast, late bedtimes, and food fights. You may recall Garner and her crew celebrating their own "Yes Day" earlier this year on social media. We say yes to this one!



Lots of news out there about yesterday's annual Apple fall press conference -- much of it a bit confusing. The bottom line -- the iPhone X is getting an upgrade and two new size options. Also introduced was a "lower-end" version -- the XR (starting at the "low" price of $749.) The new guy will be minus a home button -- as are its siblings -- and will come in some pretty cool colors. Also new -- an upgrade to the three-year-old Apple Watch. Read on for more.



THANK YOU!!!! We love our TPL readers! Thanks to your generosity, we've sent almost $1,000 in school supplies to our partner school. There are still many more items on the list. We just received word that the school is in dire need of printer ink so we've added that to the list. If you haven't already, please check out our Amazon Wishlist where you can easily purchase the school supplies that we all may take for granted. Your purchase will be shipped directly to the school via Amazon Prime if you're a Prime customer. Please help us start the school year off on the right foot by helping out those who are less fortunate.


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