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Banned Books Week

You might be surprised...take a look at a small sampling of children's classics that, at one time or another, lost their spot on library shelves. And here's the full list from the American Library Association.

All that wizardry prompted concerns that this book, and all of its sequels, undermined religion.

Stumped (get it?) as to why this one was banned? Some argue it's a tale of mysogyny where a female tree gives everything to a man.

A lot of us read Judy Blume books growing up because she didn't shy away from the realities of tween and teen life, which is EXACTLY why her books (and this one in particular) were deemed inappropriate!

Take your pick here: this book has been banned because Max's punishment of going to bed without supper was too harsh, and also because those wild things were just too wild for some people's taste.

Are you sitting down for this one? Apparently, the logging community feared all the tree-chopping woes associated with this tale might discourage children from entering a career in forestry!

Suess is at it again... Violence against dads was the big concern here.

Sassy Harriet, always talking back to adults. BANNED!

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