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They're still debating whether the FBI should investigate charges that Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford back in high school, but the Senate Judiciary Committee just voted to send Kavanaugh's nomination to the full Senate. This, just one day after dramatic testimony from both Kavanaugh and Ford. Read on for the latest.


Tragedy in Indonesia as homes were swept away in two cities this morning, after a tsunami unleashed ten-foot tall waves. This, after a deadly 7.5 earthquake and powerful aftershocks did their own damage around the region. Families have been reported missing in the areas where the tsunami hit, but because power and communications have been cut off, rescuers say the effort is a slow go as night falls. Indonesia is considered earthquake-prone because of its location on the Pacific Ocean's "Ring of Fire," an arc of volcanoes and fault lines.


Some happier news coming out of that part of the world... A plane crash in the Pacific today is being compared to the famous 2009 accident on New York's Hudson River -- in which everyone survived. Reports say local boats pulled all 47 passengers and crew from a passenger jet this morning after it hit the water at Chuuk Island Airport in Micronesia. According to the Associated Press, passengers say flight attendants were panicking as they watched water pour into the cabin. What exactly caused the crash is still unclear -- but there's speculation the aircraft either landed short of the runway or landed on the runway but kept going and then plunged into the water. The U.S. Navy says nearby sailors also helped with the rescue -- and used an inflatable boat to bring everyone safely to shore before the airplane sank. Read on.


Our friends at Parents magazine sat down with actress Busy Phillips for their November issue. The mom of two revealed her thoughts and struggles with parenting, sharing her frustration with her husband, producer Marc Silverstein's lack of involvement in parenting and how the two overcame it. Also shared -- how she stays down to earth when it comes to body image for the sake of her girls and her real thoughts on Mommy wine time. Read more here --- the pictures from the shoot are adorable!



"Night School" -- Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish in an adult education class -- funny stuff -- need we say more? The super-scary "Hell Fest." And, for the family -- "Little Women" -- Lea Thompson (think "Back to the Future") and the rest of the March family hit the big screen. Check out the rest of this weekend's new releases here. On the tube -- SNL season premiere 11:30PM ET.



The Holderness Family is back -- this time with a look at the somewhat annoying sidelines at kids' sports games. Don't be that parent. Laugh on.



It's National Coffee Day on Saturday, and you KNOW that means freebies and deals for the coffee guzzlers drinkers among us. Find out who's saying "hail to the bean" near you. Hit one or hit them all (and if you do the rounds, we trust you'll know when to switch to decaf :).


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