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Mudroom Roundup

We're catching up with our friend "The Foyerist." Ever drive by a house and wonder what it looks like inside? Well, Polly knows how that feels and uses her passion for decor and design to "sneak" into homes and get behind-the-scenes ideas and inspiration. Today, she shares her mudroom expert advice. Take it away Foyerist...

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home -- well, if you have kids, I'll argue that the mudroom actually holds that coveted role. How can you make the most of your mudroom? Check out a few basic tips here.

1. Lockers with doors are KEY to conceal mess.

2. Mudroom essentials -- chargers, LOTS of hooks and an inbox for miscellaneous papers, mail and school forms.

3. Everyone gets a locker! Moms, dads, kids -- even the dog!

4. Edit and clean the mudroom DAILY.

5. Be sure to add fun wallpaper, cute light fixtures and family photos to jazz up your space.

Here are a few of my favorites. Get your inspiration here!

This room screams fun!!!

Low hanging fruit... Make sure you have low shelves and baskets for the little guys.

Don't have a mudroom? Don't worry. Convert an area in your garage with hooks, a bench and drawers.

Jazz up your room with a bright colored door!

Love, love, love a half door! Let the sunshine in!

If you have the space, put your desk in the mudroom. Don't forget to add a charging station -- perfect for tech time-outs and recharging your kids!

Multi-tasking cubbies -- chalkboard doors add to your organization!

Movable cubbies allow you to move the mudroom around -- in this case it was switched to an office off the kitchen.

Think outside the box in terms of cabinet color. Gray is the new white!

Another great example of keeping it low for the littles.

Dog wall paper, toy containers and a custom portrait -- it's a dog's world.

A half door makes this the perfect room for your doggie -- the chalkboard keeps your calendar front and center.

Hanging files keep all of those papers safely in one spot.

Visit The Foyerist at and follow her on Instagram @Foyerist!

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