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Today's Update

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Comments made by President Trump at a political rally last night have apparently made some Republican senators angry. Reports say Trump mimicked some of Christine Blasey Ford's testimony last week before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Today, Sen. Jeff Flake, who says he hasn't decided whether or not he'll support Kavanaugh -- called Trump's comments "appalling." Republican Sen. Susan Collins also told reporters that his words were "just plain wrong." Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he plans to hold that final vote on Kavanaugh's confirmation later this week -- and there are reports that the FBI could finish its investigation of Kavanaugh as early as today.


Also out of Washington today...a quick reminder about that buzz on your cell phone this afternoon. At about 2:18pm eastern time, 225 million electronic devices across the United States received a new presidential alert from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Reports say it's the first test of the country's national wireless emergency alert system.


Robots are hitting the farm. Well, kind of. A California-based technology group is reportedly pioneering indoor, robotic agriculture. The company, Iron Ox, has developed "Angus" -- who's a 1,000-pound mobile robot. Angus and another robot work together on the company's hydroponic (a method of growing plants without soil), indoor farm to plant, take care of and harvest all the produce. Angus & Co. have plenty of people talking about robots and their impact on our future.


Whether you remember her as the girl-next-door on "Saved by the Bell," or the troublemaking vixen on "Beverly Hills, 90210," you may not know that Tiffani Thiessen is one seriously talented cook and author!  The actress, mom, and host of the Cooking Channel's "Dinner at Tiffani's," is also our new BFF after we got to know her at the book signing for "Pull up a Chair." You'll love the gorgeous photos and fantastic-looking recipes (can't wait to try the Honey-Ginger Chicken Wings!) ENTER TO WIN A SIGNED COPY: All you need to do is make sure you're following us on Facebook and  Instagram, and email us at to let us know!

KEEP COOL This makes us happy. For those of you who have ongoing squabbles with your significant other about the best temperature in your bedroom at sleep time (we can relate!), here's the solution -- CHILL OUT! According to the National Sleep Foundation, the best sleep happens in a room that's around 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. That's music to our ears -- read on for more.



It's no secret we love country music and now we love one of its biggest stars even more. Brett Eldridge released a new video for his song "Love Someone" (great tune BTW) called "The Edgar Cut" -- the reason -- it stars his bust bud -- his dog Edgar. It's adorable -- if this doesn't put a smile on your face or a tear in your eye, not sure what will. Thanks Regina (and Kathie Lee & Hoda)! 



We're so excited to bring in Amy Clark of as our resident book guru. Every week, Amy will share some of her favorite reads. One for you and one for your teen. You can count on Amy to hook you up with the best reads out there and she's also an expert in many other mom areas. Check out her website link above. Here's what she has for you this week.

FOR YOU - Walking on Trampolines by Frances Whiting

This is one of those books that you think will just be a quick escape, but ends up being a beautiful story with endearing characters that you think about after you close the final pages. This coming-of-age story follows the friendship between two teen girls and then the consequences of them both falling for the same guy, which destroys their friendship. Thankfully, it was just so much more than that and really built around a cast of flawed characters, the bonds & love of our family, first loves, true loves, and how friendships between unlikely people can reshape your destiny.


FOR THEM -  Weightless by Sarah Bannan

An incredible book on bullying today and the ramifications of what can happen when a child is pushed too far. Bannan sheds light on how bullying happens now that kids have access to social media and creatively utilizes an undisclosed narrator who acts as an observer and participant in the bullying of a new girl at their school. Well-written and unflinching, it would be a great read for your older teen or for parents who want to see how bullying occurs today. (Advised for ages 16 and up). CHECK IT OUT

And don't forget...we keep a running list of Amy's Picks on our blog so you can check back any time!

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