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Today's Update

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A test vote on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to take place tomorrow. The FBI's supplemental background investigation of Kavanaugh is now reportedly complete and all 100 senators will get to look at it ahead of that vote. Reports say 95 senators have already made up their minds. The much-anticipated FBI report was given to the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning for review by both Republicans and Democrats. Republican senators are now saying the report shows no past sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh -- while Democrats are calling the findings "very limited" and say the inquiry is a "farce."


Cyberbullying is a big problem -- but one that won't impact me. That's how a new poll says many teens and young adults feel about their online experience and the possibility of digital abuse. The poll was conducted by MTV and the Associated Press/NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. About half of the young people and parents questioned think social media is having a mostly negative effect on teens -- with 7% of the young people reporting they've personally been cyber-bullied. A criminal justice professor tells the AP, "If they don't know who it is, it doesn't seem to bother them as much... what concerns them is when it's some kid at school." The poll also says the majority of kids (and parents) believe it's up to parents to help prevent online harassment from happening at all. And there is much more. 


What's the difference between an eight-year-old girl and a 14-year-old? A 30% confidence drop, say researchers, who point out that boys don't suffer from the same problem as a whole. So what's the blueprint for keeping your daughter from clamming up in class discussions, shying away from new activities and being afraid of making new friends? The authors of The Confidence Code for Girls say we can help them by encouraging new experiences, showing them how we face our own fears, and calling them out on harsh and often false beliefs about themselves. Read on and shine on!



What is your parental feeding style? A new study says the authoritarian style that many of us grew up with (think "eat everything on your plate!") can backfire -- leading to obesity later in life. But being too permissive with your kids' diets can also lead to health and weight problems (ever see a kid stop at two Oreos? Neither have we!). Below, the "just right" approach that will set

your kids up for success.



They may not be raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens but they're just as awesome. Ellen DeGeneres has released her first list of her favorite things as part of her partnership with Walmart. Move over brown paper packages tied up with string and make room for Ellen's favorite things! 



Tiffani Thiessen is not only a talented actress she's also one seriously talented cook & author! And -- as we mentioned yesterday -- the actress, mom & host of the Cooking Channel's 

"Dinner at Tiffani's" (if you haven't watched it yet, do it now!) is also our new BFF :) after we met her at the signing for her cookbook "PULL UP A CHAIR."Thanks to everyone who entered our signed book giveaway. We'll be announcing the winner tomorrow. 

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