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Today's Update


President Trump says the King of Saudi Arabia completely denies any Saudi involvement in the disappearance of a missing journalist. Reports say the Turkish government has audio and video evidence proving that missing Washington Post writer, Jamal Khashoggi, was attacked by agents of the Saudi regime inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Trump now says Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is on his way to meet with Saudi King Salman -- and he also offered up another theory about what happened to Khashoggi -- saying "rogue killers," may have been involved. Meanwhile, a joint group of Turkish and Saudi investigators entered the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul today for a "joint inspection." Read on.


Some quick-thinking by a trapped Florida couple reportedly led to their amazing rescue following Hurricane Michael. The couple's niece reportedly scoured GPS aerial maps of their home and spotted the word "help" spelled out on their property. The couple used fallen trees to send out that SOS. A rescue team reached them early Sunday morning -- and everyone's now safe. It's been five days since Hurricane Michael crippled parts of the Florida Panhandle and today emergency workers are still working 24/7. Reports say hundreds of thousands of people in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia still don't have power. The death toll from Michael stands at 18 -- but that number is still expected to climb as emergency crews reach more of the devastated sites. There are also reports today saying Michael's extreme destruction shows that the Panhandle has weaker building codes than other parts of the hurricane-prone state. And there's more.


There's word today that 142 Sears stores will close by the end of the year. Back in August, the company shut down 46 locations -- and now the iconic national retailer is in deep debt and in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The 132-year-old chain was once America's dominant retailer -- and is credited with changing the way Americans shopped -- with its suburban mall locations and legendary Sears Catalog. Click and take a look back in time.



In case you've been living under a rock... Megan Markle is expecting. The announcement was made earlier today as she and Prince Harry kicked off their 16-day tour of Australia and New Zealand. Reports say Markle is 12 weeks along and feeling great. The little prince or princess is due in the spring. Take a look at how the royal mom-to-be was able to hide her growing bump and keep the news "under wraps."



... So said Will Smith circa 1988. Well, the same can be said today. Our new video series will feature our own kiddos answering some of the questions that puzzle today's parents. Today, we tackle "Instagram vs. Snapchat." Take it away Emma. WATCH HERE and email us with any questions you have here.


Teal pumpkins don't just look cool next to their orange counterparts -- they're the official "allergy friendly" symbol for trick-or-treaters, letting them know that they can help themselves to non-food treats on Halloween. How do you get on the teal wagon? The Teal Pumpkin Project breaks it down in four easy steps. And we picked out some of our favorite teal pumpkins on the market (as well as some cute non-food goodies you can give out!)


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