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Here's How She Does It

Ever wonder how today's moms make it through the day? Do they have some secret tricks they'd like to share with us? While every mom is different and every situation is unique, one thing is true -- we're all in this together. Our new feature highlights the little things that get them through their day and beyond.

Meet Katye Kane Stanzak

Katye is the founder and driving force behind Project Physique fitness studio in Summit, NJ. Besides running the studio and being a close mentor to her instructors she is also mom and mentor to her three children (two girls and one boy) and two pups. She lives with husband Sean in Chatham, NJ.

Here's how she does it...

Your biggest pickup line pet peeve

Phones, food & make up. Pay attention peeps its a pick up line.

Get your kiddo and get on your merry way!

Your best mom hack

I’m not very good at hacking things (insert lady emoji shrugging her shoulders here).

Your lunch packing strategy, if any...

I encourage my kids to pack their own lunches. For a couple of reasons.

- When they put the effort into packing it themselves they are less likely to waste the food.

- They are guaranteed to get something they like.

- I really hate packing lunches!!!!!

When is your me time?

Early evening when I am cooking dinner. Cooking is like meditation to me. I get to be creative, do something that I love & there is a healthy meal at the end of it.

After the kids are in bed, I...

Being a small business owner my wheels are constantly spinning. I’m always jotting down class ideas and music that would go well in a class on a note pad. Once everyone is settled I grab the note pad and put these ideas together to create new classes & playlists. (*I own a fitness studio )

When I dream of an escape, I picture...

St. Barths a bohemian paradise. Friendly people, incredible food & a healthy lifestyle. All set against the most gorgeous water you’ve ever seen.

Shower time? AM, PM — never???

BOTH ( again fitness is my job)

Your mom philosophy in one sentence...

Breathe to the very base of your belly then open your mouth and let something go. *most times my kids need to be reminded to take a moment and reflect*

Mom vice…

Just one???? Spicy Margaritas

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