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Today's Update


The man accused of gunning down 11 people in an anti-Semitic rage at a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday -- entered a "not guilty" plea today. A federal grand jury issued a 44-count indictment -- charging him with, among other things, hate crimes and murder. The majority of the counts against him are punishable by death. Reports say Bowers had a loud response today of "yes!" when asked if he understands the charges against him.


They say they're angry about the way women are treated at work and today reports say more than a thousand Google employees worldwide walked off the job to protest. Reports say they're also protesting the way Google handles sexual assault cases. Last week, The New York Times published a report about sexual harassment at Google and the company's alleged lax treatment of executives accused of sexual misconduct. Read on.


It may take forever to say, but Starbuck's holiday drink lineup never disappoints. You have a whole day to practice saying your order. Are you mocha all the way (white chocolate or peppermint)? Or does the latte family call your name (Caramel Brulée, Chestnut Praline, Gingerbread or Eggnog)? Oh, and there's more good news. You'll be drinking that baby out of a holiday cup. We have a look and full review of this year's four patterns below.



It might just be the candy talking, or maybe you're ready to up your health and fitness game. Small steps (like this 6-minute workout -- CHECK IT OUT

) can get your mind and body ready for the holiday marathon that starts this month. So, do you have to be the new girl at the gym or studio? No. Do you have to spend a boatload of money on a personal trainer? Again, no! Below, the best in health and wellness apps that will take care of you inside and out.



So... does YOUR butler iron your shoelaces every day? And does he squeeze exactly one inch of toothpaste onto your toothbrush twice a day? A new documentary says these are among the requests Prince Charles makes of his house staff. "Serving the Royals: Inside the Firm" -- now streaming on Amazon Prime -- details what it's like to serve the future king, who has earned the name, "the pampered Prince." Some of this makes the Crawley family from "Downton Abbey" seem downright DIY!



We're so excited to bring in Amy Clark of as our resident book guru. Every week, Amy will share some of her favorite reads: one for you and one for your teen. Amy is also an expert in many other mom areas, so check out her website, join her book club on Facebook, or follow her on


FOR YOU: The Sound of Gravel by Ruth Wariner

The author is the 39th child in her polygamist family of 42 children in this telling memoir about the complications of polygamy and relationship with her mentally ill father. You really learn about what it is like to grow up in poverty, the true challenges of being just one of many wives, the challenges of disability, and how Ruth must learn to stand up for herself in a world that seems against her.CHECK IT OUT

FOR THEM: Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi

Penny and Sam both have complex relationships with their mothers and have had their own share of struggles in love. It is when Sam is having a panic attack over the news that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant that Penny enters his life and goes from becoming an acquaintance to his, "emergency contact." The two begin texting and it is through these texts that their relationship grows and blossoms. (recommended for ages 14 and up).


And don't forget...we keep a running list of Amy's Picks on our blog so you can check back any time!

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