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Today's Update


We've been warned for years that Earth's protective ozone layer is thinning due to the use of man-made chemicals -- but there's word we can exhale a little. A new United Nations report claims the ozone layer is actually healing from the damage caused by products like aerosol sprays and coolants. Those products have been phased out over the past few decades -- ever since scientists sounded the alarm. According to the U.N. report, the "upper" ozone layer should be repaired entirely sometime in the 2030s and that big hole above the Antarctic should be gone by the 2060s.


If you haven't heard, tomorrow is Election Day. It's the first major, nationwide day of elections since President Trump took office. Some say the results of these midterm elections will act as an unofficial referendum on Trump's presidency so far. This afternoon, political pollsters and pundits say no outcome is certain. Democrats are looking to take control of at least one chamber of Congress and Republicans are looking to stay put. Every seat in the House of Representatives is up for grabs -- as well as 35 seats in the Senate. And more than half the states in the union are deciding on their next governor.


Seeing more than a few Napoleon Dynamite costumes last week made us wish every campaign pitch were as entertaining as his Vote for Pedro dance (check it out here). But since it isn't, how do we lay the groundwork for our kids to understand this important right and duty? The first two steps won't surprise you: 1. VOTE TOMORROW! And 2. Take them with you to do it. But it doesn't stop there. Take a look at these tips to raise a lifelong voter.



Did somebody say free shipping? Knowing that online shoppers will spend all kinds of money this time of year, but get offended by even the most nominal of shipping fees, major retailers like Walmart, Target and Amazon are saying, "it's on us." Check out which incentives each store is offering to compete for your business this holiday shopping season. Because who doesn't like "free ship?"



After wrapping up shooting the second season of HBO's "Big Little Lies," star and producer Nicole Kidman spills the beans about the show and life with husband Keith Urban and their two daughters -- thanks to a little digging by master interviewer Ellen DeGeneres. Kidman reveals the only role she's played that Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret really care about. And, it turns out the two will be big little extras next season... no lie!



While there aren't too many of us rejoicing about it getting dark earlier (or waking up before sunrise) -- that extra hour of sleep we get from turning our clocks back gets a thumbs up from us. As it turns out, there are a number of health effects from shifting our schedules by that hour twice a year, and most of them aren't so good! Below, some stats you'll want to know, and tips on what to do when you're starving for lunch at 11am!


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