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Here's How She Does It

Ever wonder how today's moms make it through the day? Do they have some secret tricks they'd like to share with us? While every mom is different and every situation is unique, one thing is true -- we're all in this together. Take a look at the little things that get them through their day and beyond.

Meet Dr. Deanne Robinson, MD, FAAD and Dr. Rhonda Klein, MD, MPH, FAAD. Deanne & Ronnie are the founders of Modern Dermatology, a boutique-style Dermatology practice delivering comprehensive care to patients in the tristate. Both are award-winning, board-certified dermatologists are also known as Mom to four kids each (yes, that’s 8 in total!). Here's how they do it...

Your biggest pickup line pet peeve

Ronnie: Line cutters!

Deanne: Getting to the front of the line to find out your child is in the bathroom and you have to go to the back and start over.

Your best mom hack

We’ll do a derm spin on this question, our go-to, time-saving hacks are:

Both: Wear scrubs – ha, ok not everyone can do this, but it certainly does cut out the need to style an outfit every day!

Deanne: One step makeup coverage and sunblock. Find something you love to wear every day that has an SPF > 30. My favorite is IT Cosmetics “Bye Bye Foundation,” which has SPF 50. (and yes, UVA rays are getting you through the car window, while you’re in the pickup line. UVA rays are the ones that impact how our skin ages.)

Ronnie: Blowtox! Every 3-4 months I do a simple Botox treatment along my frontal scalp, it helps you get more mileage out of a blowout, and cuts down significantly on the frequency you need to wash your hair.

Both: Aquaphor/Vaniply – there are tubes of each all over our houses. These products can be used for everything from taking off makeup, soothing chapped lips or on a cut!

Your lunch packing strategy, if any...

Ronnie: My kids buy lunch and we get everything ready the night before (snacks, clothes, library books, sports gear, etc)

When is your me time?

Ronnie: What’s “me time”? We both need more of it, but with opening our own practice just 5 months ago, it’s been at an all-time scarcity. Deanne adds, “I squeeze some in when I’m on an airplane – which is at least a few times a month. I travel a lot for conferences and speaking engagements for brands like Merz and Allergan.”

After the kids are in bed, I...

Ronnie: I catch up on my emails and then I try to put my phone away and spend some time with my husband.

When I dream of an escape, I picture...

Ronnie: Beach in the shade by myself with a book (would love to go back to the Maldives where we honeymooned).

Deanne: Quiet weekend with my husband at a local getaway with a delicious dinner and a great bottle of wine.

Shower time? AM, PM — never???

Ronnie: “I’m a morning showerer. However, see above mom-hack about Blowtox. I only wash my hair 1-2x a week.”

Your mom philosophy in one sentence...

Ronnie: Don't take anything too seriously and try to disconnect from phones/technology to look up & see what's in front of you as much as possible.

Deanne: Don’t sweat the small stuff and remember to pick your battles!

Mom vice...

Wine… and Instagram

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