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Spy Cam

Got this little gadget for Christmas and it's a good one. Ever wonder what your furry friend does when he or she is home alone? Or in this case, home with a 12-year-old?

Well -- thanks to Furbo -- you can finally find out. Beth & crew got it for Tucker for Christmas and it definitely ranks as everyone's favorite gift! This treat-tossing camera keeps an eye on your guy (in this case, Tucker), allowing you to check in via your phone, while also sending treats out to keep him/her happy until you come home. Throw in a barking alert and an awesome tracking app (think automatic selfies, videos and more!), and you've got a doggie must-have. Plus, it never fails to offer instant entertainment while you're out with friends -- especially after a glass or two of wine! BARK ON!

Here's how it works...

Get yours here!

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