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Here's How She Does It

Ever wonder how today's moms make it through the day? Do they have some secret tricks they'd like to share with us? While every mom is different and every situation is unique, one thing is true -- we're all in this together. Take a look at the little things that get them through their day and beyond.

Meet Rebecca Dube. She's a mom of two boys and the editor of TODAY Parents and the TODAY Parenting Team -- an online community for parents to share ideas. Her tweets and blog posts about life as a mom are not only relatable and at times hilarious, but also inspiring. We hope you enjoy getting to know Rebecca as much as we have!

The one thing that keeps you going as you do your thing

I screw things up daily in ways big and small, and I know I am not the Best Mom Ever (despite what my coffee mug might say). But I do know I'm the best mom for MY kids, because I love them absolutely and unconditionally. I'm not great at everything, but that's OK because I'm really, really great at loving my kids. That's my north star.

Your biggest pickup line pet peeve

We walk to school so I don't experience a car pickup line, but my pet peeve is when other moms clump together after drop-off in a cliquish way and are unfriendly. This hurts my feelings (hello, middle school flashback!) but I think about this essay on exclusion a lot, and it helps. I try to use that experience as a reminder to always open my own circle, to look for people on the outskirts of any situation and to welcome them in. I have made some wonderful friends that way!

Your best mom hack

Frozen peas! A veteran mom told me this trick for vegetable-averse children. Frozen peas are my go-to when I absolutely, positively need to get my sons to eat something green. I've tried them myself and they're actually quite refreshing in the summer!

Your lunch packing strategy, if any...

I feel like the lunch strategy has to constantly be shifting, to stay one step ahead of my picky eaters. I've had good luck lately with cheese and crackers. And I'm always a fan of "I love you!" notes in the lunchbox.

When is your me time?

Does hiding in the bathroom with chocolate count? Other than that, I am very lucky in that I can walk to work, and cranking up the tunes while I walk briskly through Manhattan is my daily moment of Zen.

After the kids are in bed, I...

Usually collapse in bed myself or clean the kitchen! But one day I'll write that novel I'm dreaming of...

When I dream of an escape, I picture...

Reading a good book in a hammock on a deserted tropical beach. But not too deserted, because I'd like someone to bring me frozen drinks...

Shower time? AM, PM — never???

Whenever I can! Usually in the mornings. Dry shampoo is also a lifesaver.

Your mom philosophy in one sentence...

Love is all you need.

Mom vice...

Forgetting that love is all I need, and checking my phone to escape reality.

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