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Deep in the Heart of Texas

We spent a few fabulous days last week in Austin at the always-amazing Mom 2.0 Conference and we wanted to share our fun experiences with you. From Amazon's latest and greatest to the best treats from Best Buy, the conference, city, food and new friends definitely didn't disappoint!

Hard at work at the airport...

Texas, here we come!

Conference kick-off!

rainbow cupcakes

Seriously? Best Buy --- best treats!

texas cookies

Like, ever!

Our Amazon friend showed us everything we can do with Alexa!

Tyler from amazon

Thanks, Tyler!

echo show

And now, for our favorite Amazon picks... the new echo show -- awesome!

cloud cam

Stay secure with the cloud cam...

kindle paperwhite

Best kindle? The paperwhite

Video doorbell -- hell, yes!!! Ring

belle skincare from amazon

Be beautiful! Amazon skincare

amazon hand made

We fell in love with Amazon's Handmade Store -- think etsy but on Amazon.

amazon dog leash

Patti got Clover this adorable handmade leash -- love!

kindle fire HD

Back to electronics --- don't forget the Kindle Fire HD for your kids!

fire tv stick

And the firetvstick -- Beth walked home with this one...

fire tv stick

Heather and Patti previewed...

amazon #momtruths

Making our mark...

dove real moms

google suite photo booth

Fun at the photo booths! See you next year!

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