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Amy's Weekly Picks 5/15/19

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green

April May happens to be roaming her way around NYC in the wee hours of the morning when she stumbles upon a giant sculpture. It is an unusual looking ten-foot-tall industrial Transformer-type sculpture, unlike anything she had ever seen before. Her friend, Andy, happens to be trying to make an audience on YouTube so she calls him to come and film her making a video of her with it and shares how she notices that even a sculpture of this size barely catches the eye of any New Yorker that's passing. In the morning, April awakens to find that her video has gone viral...and so has this sculpture. You see, this sculpture didn't just end up in NYC. It ended up in cities all over the world and no one knows how they got there.

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