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Jennifer Lavelle Photography

If it ever were a secret that Amazon is the place for style finds, everybody knows it by now. Just scroll through social media and you'll see that influencers are putting together some impressive looks, all found through our favorite mega retailer. We decided to do our own #FoundItOnAmazon search, filter out what our daughters might want to wear (like the super-short shorts and cutouts that just don't work for us), and show you the ensembles that WE love!

Get the look: Dress ($23), Hat ($16), bag ($25), earrings ($10)

Get the look: Dress ($20), Sunglasses ($65), Slides ($16)

Get the look: Dress ($23)

Get the look: Dress ($24), Clutch ($13)

Get the look: Dress ($27), Sunglasses ($13), Earrings ($10)

Get the look: Top ($17)

Get the look: Romper ($21)

Get the look: Jacket ($32)

*The Pickup Line participates in the Amazon Associate Program, which means that we may earn a small commission -- at no additional cost to you -- off of any purchase you make through our site.

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