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Set for September!

Whether you're dreading the early wake-ups (like Beth is) or you're soooo ready to get those kids out the door (like Patti and Heather), it's time to swap those long summer days for the bustle of back-to-school -- and all the gear that comes with it. There's no need to run to a crowded store, though. Our picks are all from Amazon, so you can click your way into the new school year!

kids bento lunch box

iPhone charger

colored pencils

headphones for kids
combination lock

L. Erickson hair ties

glow in the dark glue

echo spot

sequined backpack

hydro flask water bottle
water bottle ice tray

portable speaker

Under Armour lunch bag
notebook set

tile mate with replaceable battery

locker mirror
white board for locker
dry erase markers
glue sticks

erin condren weekly planner

printer paper

tide to go pen

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