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Back to School with Christina Geist

Sorry, Grown-ups, you can't go to school by Christina Geist

She's done it again! Our friend Christina Geist (Boombox Gifts founder and wife of NBC Today anchor, Willie) has written another FANTASTICALLY encouraging book for kids and their parents, too! Patti's been reading Sorry, Grown-Ups, You Can't Go To School to her newly minted kindergartener... and Hugh gives it two thumbs up!

What's your favorite part about Back-To-School?

For me, back to school season is like a big reset button, more so than New Year's Eve. It's a clean new notebook. A clear desk. A new to-do list and a sweet new pair of sneakers. One of the things I love about having elementary and middle school-aged kids is setting my adult clock to an academic year schedule again. You lose that when you finish college, and for me that was one of the strangest transitions to "adulting."

What's the worst part of about Back-to-School?

I leave New York City with my kids all Summer (one of the benefits of owning your own businesses that offsets the stressy parts). So, back to school week is also back to the sounds, the grit and the sensory overload of Manhattan. Let's just say September isn't a great time to bump into me on the sidewalk!

What's your favorite lunch to pack for kids?

My kids wear uniforms and eat lunch at school every day, so I'm very lucky not to fight over outfits or pack lunches. I do not take these things for granted!

What snacks do your kids love?

My kids would both survive on fruit alone if it were their only option, so we tend to keep it simple and slice some apples with peanut butter or grab a banana at the bodega.

What's the best question to ask kids about their day at school?

I never get anything back when I open with the generic, "How was your day, honey!?" So, I try a side door entry like, "Tell me something crazy from the day!" or "Try to make me laugh!" I couldn't tell you much about academic development day to day, but we do laugh a lot!

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