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Grammy's Famous Cocoa

Looks like we may be in for some snow this weekend, so what better way to cozy up with your crew than with this rich, delicious treat! Grab a big bowl, mix it all together and store it in an air-tight container and bring on the season.


4 cups powdered milk

21.8 ounces of Nestle Nesquik

16 ounces powdered coffee creamer

1 cup powdered sugar

Place all of the ingredients into a big bowl and mix well. Pour into a storage jar or canister.

When making the cocoa, fill your mug 1/3 of the way with cocoa mixture and the remaining 2/3 with water. As per Sweet Melissa, plop a candy Kiss on top of the mixture before you add the water and microwave for approx. 60 seconds (after water has been added). Stir and top with whipped cream, marshmallows and shaved peppermint. Enjoy!

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