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Super Bowl Halftime Show Survey Comments

Jennifer lopez

Question: JLo can still get loud at 50, and Shakira's 43-year-old hips don't lie: did last night's show objectify women or was it a proud moment for female performers?

"No issue with performers. Didn’t appreciate certain camera angles (crotch shots)."

"They are both amazing but I was embarrassed watching with my boys."

"I don't think you need to show that much skin to prove you can sing and dance."

"Great performance, but why were the women nearly naked and all the men covered head-to-toe in baggy clothing and wearing crosses? Double standard :("

"If this is the next step television is taking, which I’m afraid it is, America has got to clean it up."

"It was completely inappropriate for a “family game.” My 13yo son voluntarily walked away a few minutes into the show; I’m proud of him."

"Big fan of twerking and belly dancing -- obvi"

"Loved the show but not for family event"

"Crazy f***ing talent!"

"Both of those ladies have a ton of talent and obviously awesome physical fitness, however in the age of #metoo why have such a sexually overt performance. Isn't the point to make women not so objectified? What's so entertaining about bedazzled crotch shots?"

"Love you J Lo, but don’t need to see you on a pole at the Super Bowl!"

"I had to answer "Mommy, how come only the girls have skimpy costumes and only girls were on the poles?""

"I’m in between. I thought the dancing and athleticism was great, wished the costumes weren’t so sexual."

"I enjoyed the show tremendously but understand the concern regarding "family-friendliness". I did cringe a couple of times, but appreciated the athleticism that the 40-year old and 50-year old ladies exhibited! And I'm a 60+ year old white woman."

"It’s not empowering women when pole dancing is involved"

"I think it was both...I'm no prude, but too many crotch shots. Could it have been the cameraman's doing? We will never know. But only a few minutes prior, there was a commercial about fairness with female athletes, so I am not sure how the two can go together. I feel conflicted about it"

"AMAZING performance that embodied Latina culture."

"Women are only objectified if they aren’t in agreement with the way they’re being portrayed. Last night was unapologetic ownership."

"Feel both ways!"

"While I can appreciate Latin dance and culture, crotch shots and pole dancing aren’t family entertainment."

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