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The Neat Method!

Clutter, mess and mayhem!

If you're like us, these months at home have made you realize that parts of your house need some serious tidying up! We knew those problem spots existed long before the pandemic hit, but being inside so much has finally prompted us to want to take action! So how do we get started? That's where our friends at the Neat Method come in!

Help is on the way!

Erika Downes and Jennifer Ferriso are home-organizing experts and the owners of Neat NJ. We're thrilled to welcome them as guest bloggers -- and, we're equally excited to follow their amazing tips and finally get crackin' on some long-overdue projects! You will be, too!

Take it away, ladies!

Let's Get NEAT! Let's Get NEAT!

NEAT Method promises to pickup:) your level of CALM, SANITY and all-around GOOD VIBES. It's no secret that being "more organized" makes life more PEACEFUL. The tricky part is WHERE do I start, WHAT do I need and HOW do I start living the NEAT life?! You got this! Start by deciding how much time you want to spend organizing. Do you want to spend an hour first thing in the morning or set aside all day Friday or even a weekend? Put it on your calendar today and let's get NEAT!

WHERE do I start?

An EASY space takes an hour or two. Think one drawer (kitchen junk drawer), your wallet, Tupperware drawer, sock/underwear drawer.

A MEDIUM space takes a morning or afternoon. Think under the sink, kids' dresser, your dresser, bathroom drawers, medicine cabinet, playroom games.

A CHALLENGING space will take a day(s) plus some hours fine-tuning with products and labels. Think your closet, kitchen pantry, garage, playroom. Grab a helper or two!


1. Wipes

2. Tape Measure

3. Notebook

4. Pen/pencil

5. Post-Its


Step One:

Take everything out of the space. Literal interpretation here, it must be empty! Then use those wipes to clean the space.

Step Two:

Categorize into GROUPS and even RANK your stuff! As you take everything out of a space, place them into groups and use Post-Its to remember groups as you work. Believe me, this is exciting stuff, you will need a reminder:)

Step Three:

SIMPLIFY and PARE DOWN your stuff. Toss, donate or move your stuff. You know this. Did you use this in the past six months? Does it belong somewhere else? Has it lived its life, do you have multiples?

Step Four:

PLAN and EXECUTE your system. Where do you want your stuff to live? Think eye-level space (prime real estate) for everyday stuff, top shelf for rarely used stuff. MEASURE and purchase products to contain your stuff (so a 12x12 inch bin for a 12x14 inch space). Check out @newjerseyneat and @neatmethod on Instagram to see bins and baskets in action and where they are best used and why they are game-changers! We preach, "labels, labels, labels!" We all need reminders and it's helpful for visitors, too! Labels are directly related to Step Five.

Step Five:

MAINTAIN. KEEP IT UP. STAY PEACEFUL & CALM. The work was in Steps 1 to 4 and YOU created the system, show off your new system to those who will use it! If you buy more for the space, make sure there is room or it's replacing something.


Life is busy and it's OK to OUTSOURCE! We LOVE to organize and bring the CALM so please email, text or call us and get started today -- virtually, or get on our calendar. For custom labels & help naming groups, direct message @newjerseyneat. Just mention The Pickup Line when contacting NEAT NJ, and you'll get a Complimentary Consultation! Check out more ideas and inspiration HERE!



Erika & Jen

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