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Organic Krush Green Dream Smoothie

Ever feel like you're too busy feeding everyone else to make yourself the perfect meal or snack? We get it!

Our friends at Organic Krush, a healthy lifestyle eatery with six East Coast locations (and counting), have the answer -- something quick and healthy that we can make at home: The Green Dream Smoothie! Even our kids were into it. Founders Michelle Walrath and Fran Paniccia say the smoothie's clean ingredients help boost immunity and lower stress levels, naturally.

"Green smoothies are most popular here at Krush! This Green Dream is made with pears and spinach and... avocado! Always a surprise ingredient to guests, but it makes the drink creamy and adds the healthy fats that line your gut, improve your microbiome, and make the smoothie so delicious!"

Walrath and Paniccia say the easiest way to freeze pears is to wait until they're ripe and chop them up before tossing in the freezer. They also say you can substitute water or coconut water for the pear juice.

Ingredients: 8 oz (1 cup) fresh-pressed pear juice 1 tsp vanilla pinch of sea salt 2 cups baby spinach 1 frozen pear 1/2 an avocado optional: vanilla protein (we love @gardenoflife) In your blender, pulse all ingredients together about 10x and then blend on high speed! Pour into a tall glass and enjoy as you relax in the sunlight soaking up the much-needed vitamin D!

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