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Especially For Dad

Father's Day gifts from Minted

It's not just any Father's Day coming up. This year, we're going sentimental, with a gift for Dad that reflects our families as they are in 2020. Minted nailed it with their designs, and are offering 15% off with the promo code: FORDAD. What do we have our eyes on? Take a look at the picks below.

We know you don't need us to "map this out" for you: the past few months have redefined the meaning of "home." We love these gold-foil state maps, which come in a choice of frames (or no frame).

There's no place like home and since you've all been spending SO MUCH time there over the past three months, what better gift than a custom line drawing of your abode?! We love this! Available in standard or letterpress printing.

The days are long, the years are short! It's so true -- so capture all the cuteness this Father's Day! He'll love the Best Dad Ever Box!

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