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Beauty & The Book: "My Glory Was I Had Such Friends"

Casting and shooting for “My Glory Was I Had Such Friends,” the Apple TV+ adaptation of Amy Silverstein’s bestselling memoir that will star Jennifer Garner, is set to resume as soon as health officials give Hollywood the green light. Silverstein shared the latest on the show during our monthly “Beauty and the Book” virtual book club.

The project, that had originally been slated to begin shooting this fall, was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. The show is being produced by J.J. Abrams, who worked with Garner on “Alias” from 2001-2006.

Silverstein’s story chronicles how her friends dropped everything to support her as she suffered through heart failure, awaiting her second heart transplant. Silverstein explained that Garner wasn’t an early favorite to play her, but fought for the opportunity and turned out to be a perfect fit, saying, “She very much understands the value of friendship... So she understands that when times get really tough, girlfriends can lift you up, remind you who you are and pull you through.”

Garner has begun preparing for the role by spending time working out with Silverstein, who says she was able to match the actress “pushup for pushup.” Silverstein has enjoyed the time, saying that Garner is “So smart. And a little sassy... You’d want to be friends with her.”

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